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At AR Legal & Mediation, we provide the expertise and attention to detail to allow you to pass your assets and wealth seamlessly as per your wishes.  We call this Future Planning and it is all about you and those you wish to look after when you die. It's about certainty and caring for loved ones and making things easy at a difficult time.


Every Will is going to be different because people's lives are different. Your Will should reflect your individual wishes and the needs of your loved ones and beneficiaries.

Including Testamentary Trusts in your Will offers asset protection and other benefits. There are many different types of Testamentary Trusts. We can help you decide which type is best for your beneficiaries.

Uniquely You

At AR Legal & Mediation, we take the time to find out about you and your family and offer advice and estate planning solutions for your unique circumstances. Come and talk to us and experience our Future Planning difference.

If you are:

  • divorced or separated,
  • remarried,
  • part of a blended family, or
  • own a business,

You need Estate Planning that includes consideration of your special circumstances when writing your Will.

Review of Asset Holding Structures

If you are Director of a Company or have assets held in a:
    • superannuation fund,
    • Self-managed Super Fund,
    • Family Trust,
    • Discretionary Fund,

You need Estate Planning that includes consideration and review of these structures and your individual circumstances.

Businesses, Companies, Trusts, complex financial structures, blended families, special needs beneficiaries and more.

This is all part of Future Planning and vital to seamless succession.

As complicated as you can get, we can identify,  unravel and simplify and we have the expertise to do it.