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Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Family Mediation is a process where the mediator helps the separated couple to discuss and resolve issues in a civil, productive and comfortable manner.

Family mediation discussions can be about:

  • Arrangements for children,
  • Parenting Plans
  • Property arrangements,
  • Finances,
  • Inter family disputes, or
  • All of the above.

If a resolution is not reached, we will provide all parties with a 60I certificate.

The Process

The process begins with pre-mediation meetings where each party individually meets with the mediator to discuss their issues and concerns.

Following the private meetings, is the mediation session. The role of the mediator in the mediation session is to:

  • . create an environment free of intimidation, anxiety, or blame,
  • . facilitate civil and productive discussions between the parties,
  • . identify the issues in dispute, and generate possible options in resolving these issues, and
  • . assist the parties to negotiate and cooperate.

Mediations can be a joint or shuttle process either in person, by telephone, or by video conferencing. Any agreements reached can be documented by the mediator. A formal Parenting Plan can be provided to the parties upon request.

The Rules

All discussions are confidential and the parties will sign a confidentiality agreement at the start of the mediation. The parties are required to conduct themselves at all times in a civil and non-confrontational manner. Either party can, at any time during the process, ask for a private session with the mediator. The mediator will then offer equal private time to the other party. Either party or the mediator may terminate, suspend, or adjourn the mediation.

Work place Dispute Resolution

Conflict in the workplace can often lead to reduced productivity and increased, widespread stress among employees. It is best to resolve issues of conflict in the workplace as early as possible. Possible causes of workplace conflict include:

  • Unmet needs and wants,
  • Individual values,
  • Perceptions of others that may be incorrect,
  • An inability or unwillingness to deal with conflict.

As an experienced mediator, Dr. Anjali Rastogi can provide:

  • a neutral process to resolve issues and personalities in dispute,
  • a confidential, non-threatening environment for employees to air their grievances and concerns
  • an objective and balanced forum to enable employees in conflict to define their issues and create solutions that foster an amicable working relationship.

The Process

Meet with the Business Owner or Manager to determine how best to tailor conflict resolution to the circumstances and people.

Meet individually and privately with all parties to the dispute.

Conduct the Dispute Resolution mediation with a Transformative Approach to resolving conflict in your workplace.

Wills & Estate Dispute Resolution

The passing of a loved one can lead to many conflicting emotions. Disputes can arise for many reasons and, if unresolved, can lead to further distress and fracturing of relationships.

Whatever the disagreement, mediation can help the parties to communicate effectively and focus on resolving the issues.

Litigation of estates is a costly and highly divisive process in which there are many losses and few wins.

Dr. Anjali Rastogi, as an experienced Nationally Accredited Mediator with a Masters Degree in Wills and Estates Law, brings unique expertise to resolving estate disputes.

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